Food resupply


Dude, srsly, we are gonna eat SO MUCH. ALL OF TEH FOODZ. How are we gonna get all that food?

Our resupply method will be a hybrid strategy. Some portion of the resupply will happen by mail drops. We have packages all packed up and ready to go addressed to about 10 different spots on the trail. Most of these spots are more remote places where we A: won't be able to find a decent store (price or variety) or B: where we will need different gear for changing conditions, ie: the Sierra Nevada mountains.

For the most part our plan is to walk or hitch into towns that are close to the trail. Many of these towns have decent grocery stores where we can simply buy food for the coming stretch. Our resupply distances will be an average of three and seven days apart. The longest we should have to go between resupply is eight days (in the Sierra Nevada). 

Most of this information is hypothetical though. Things can always change once we are out there. What I do know is that every blog I read talks about thru-hikers losing weight along the way. Now matter how much you try and eat it doesn't seem to be enough to maintain your weight when you are putting your body through such rigorous activity on a daily basis. Because of this I intentionally put on a few pounds as a buffer. WHAT'S UP ICE CREAM!

325,000 calories ready to be boxed up for nine resupply boxes.

325,000 calories ready to be boxed up for nine resupply boxes.

- Jonathan

On personal safety

Of all the questions that people ask, one seems to be repeated more frequently then all the rest:

"Are you guys going to carry a gun?"

No. Simplest answer: guns weigh a lot. When embarking on a journey of this length, we plan to carry pretty much only that which is essential (except my camera). Every extra pound (even ounce) means more stress on our bodies and more calories to consume. A gun simply weighs us down. 

We are going to look like we're living out of backpacks - dirty, hairy, rough. We really don't have much to offer a potential robber (cept granola). Who would want to waste their time confronting us in the first place? I'm more concerned about bears and mosquitos than I am dangerous people. And no, a pistol isn't going to stop a bear either. 

More than any of that, though, I DON'T LIKE GUNS.  You may disagree with me politically. Deal with it.



I felt the need to weigh in on this. Will I carry a gun on the trail? As a lightweight hiker I will answer this question with another question from, as follows:

"What serves me better, the extra weight of a gun or the extra weight of cookies?"

Edit: Not certain I'll carry bear mace either, really... so bulky...